How Can You Help?

From writing a personal story for our website to throwing a huge fundraising party, there are so many ways to get involved and help to make this year’s Awareness Week the most successful one yet!WaendelWalk

Do you have time to spare?

  • Get together with a group of friends and organise a sponsored walk with our help.
  • Take part in one of the many runs or sponsored events around the country to raise money and get fit at the same time.
  • Organise a quiz, raffle or party in your local community to celebrate awareness week and to give you a platform to talk about the condition.
  • Contact your local paper to tell them about Awareness Week and suggest they do an article about cleft lip and palate and share your personal story.
  • Share Awareness Week with your school, college or workplace! Do a dress-down day, a talk in assembly, a CLAPA-themed cake sale, or anything else you can think of.
  • Got your own ideas? Tell us!


Want something quick and easy?

  • Take part in one of our Sponsored Walks around the country! We’re taking care of all the details and we just need you to come along and make sure they’re even bigger and better than our walks last year. There are walks in London, Brighton, Manchester and Sheffield.
  • Display a poster, leaflets and a collection tin in your workplace or local pub – ask us for more information.
  • Ask your workplace if you can promote the week on your staff intranet – if you have a personal story to tell this is even better, and we’ll be happy to host it on our website too.
  • If you have children, encourage the school to put on a few fundraising or awareness raising events such as an assembly to educate the other kids about cleft lip and palate. Check out the RESOURCES section of this microsite for presentations you can use.
  • Do you have a cleft yourself? Tell us your story! Write about your experiences growing up, at school/work, and how you’ve coped with any challenges presented by your cleft. If you’re not sure where to start, email for help or read through some of the personal stories featured here.


Only have a few minutes?

  • ‘Like’ us on Facebook! We also have a Facebook Group for parents where you can discuss cleft lip and palate with over 3,000 of our supporters, and groups for adults and young people as well.
  • Tweet or post about awareness week – especially if you can include a link to our donation page!
  • Email your colleagues about Awareness Week and let them know why you support us.
  • Donate! CLAPA is a small charity and every penny counts. You can donate online or by post – but make sure you let us know it is for Awareness Week!

Got your own ideas or want more information?

Get in touch! Request your free fundraising pack including posters and leaflets, and we will help you bring your idea to life. Even if you can only commit half an hour one afternoon, you’ll be surprised at what a difference that can make.

The most interesting and successful fundraising projects and events will be featured on our website and in the e-newsletter following Awareness Week as well as our annual magazine  – so get creative!

Whether you can commit to putting up a poster or running a marathon, we want to hear from you. Call us on 020 7833 4883 or email


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