PowerPoint Presentations

These PowerPoint Presentation provide basic information on cleft lip and palate and CLAPA as a charity. They are a great starting point for anyone who wants to do a presentation on cleft and the work we do to support those affected by it.

For more in-depth presentations or to find out about becoming an official CLAPA volunteer so you can represent us around the UK at schools, colleges, fundraising galas, and even to midwives and sonographers, get in touch!

General Presentation

This presentation contains information on cleft lip and palate, how it is treated, and an explanation of CLAPA and our services. It is suitable for most occasions and can be tweaked to suit the target audience.

Example slides:

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Download here

Schools Presentation

This presentation is aimed at younger people and has simpler language and more pictures. It mainly contains information about cleft lip and palate, and provides a brilliant opportunity for teachers, parents or students to introduce the topic in class or in an assembly, and if a child at the school has a cleft it can be a great way to explain to others any issues they may be having.

Example slides:

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Download here

Tips and Tricks

It can be hard to get people interested in power point presentations, so the best way to make sure everyone is paying attention is to include lots of photos and to make it personal if you can.

If there is a personal story to tell, feel free to alter the above presentations to include a little bit about how cleft lip and palate has affected you, and include before/after photos if you have them so everyone can understand why the issue is important.

Teachers and parents may want to change a few slides to include tasks and encourage audience participation, such as turning the ‘famous people with a cleft’ slide into a guessing game.

For more information on how teachers and schools can help children with a cleft, click here.


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