Welcome to Awareness Week 2013!

AW Launch WP graphic

We’re thrilled to launch Awareness Week 2013 – our biggest and best one yet!

This year we’re upping the stakes with five official sponsored walks taking place all over the UK and more of you hitting the streets to put up posters and raise money than ever before.

This is our Awareness Week microsite, packed full of information on the week, how you can help, and with resources on this year’s theme: bullying and self-image.

Please share this site as widely as you can with friends and family, and let’s make sure this week cleft lip and palate is at the top of the agenda!


One thought on “Welcome to Awareness Week 2013!

  1. In April 2011 during our 22 week baby scan we found out that our long awaited baby had a cleft lip and possible palate. At first it was a mix of emotions as we had tried to concive for 5 years and couldn’t finally believe it had happened!!!! So felt very blessed!! Then we started to feel everything was against us :(( after a quick referral to Birmingham Children’s hospital we were connected to a cleft lip and palate nurse Jayne Tomlinson….and what an amazing lady /nurse She is!!!! She answered all our questions honestly, shared her experiences of working with cleft lip and palate babies and also offered us a Cleft lip and palate play group for when our little boy wax born…..this was to help us meet other parents in our shoes and Mums to be who were feeling very apprehensive about their new borns. The help, advice and support was overwhelming!!!! Not sure where would be now with out all of the support and guidance Birmingham Children’s Hospital gave to us then and still continue to support Archie and us in his development. We will always be incredibly grateful for everything CLAPA do!!!

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